our CSA

Community Supported Apothecary: A bimonthly share of lovingly handmade herbal products! Items are pre-prepped and ready to use, and include (but certainly aren’t limited to): teas, body oils, bath salts, masks, solo and blended tinctures, vinegars, insect sprays, salves, creams, tooth powders and anything else we can imagine!

We work with the seasons and create our final products based on what is lovely, timely, and available in the garden (and forest).

Our summer season runs July through November (every other month, 3 distributions, 6-7 products) and our winter season runs January thru May (every other month, 3 distributions, 5-6 products). Each box contains a breakdown of what herbs are inside each product, how they’re traditionally used, fun facts and stories etc. It is a little exploration into herbalism with fun products to buttress learning!

Our current pick-up locations are Radicle Herb Shop and Blueprint in Brooklyn and ION Studio in Manhattan. We base our pickup sites on members, so as members sign up, we’ll add additional convenient central locations.


Summer Share – Registration closed. Check back in April!

Winter Share – Registration closed for the season. Check back in November!

Feel free to email us if you have any questions!

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