Calendula Coalition!

Get ready! This spring we’re launching a community based initiative to promote healing throughout our city, supported by (you!) citizen volunteers and local farmers.

The Calendula Coalition is an outreach program whereby city dwellers who have a sunny spot on a patio or in their backyard can help us meet our mission by growing calendula to be collected to make various products to then be distributed to comfort stations located in community centers and public gathering spaces throughout the city. Comfort stations will be stocked with a variety of helpful herbal self care items to calm, soothe, heal, and uplift, such as teas, salves, lotions, balms, sprays, hydrosols etc. Products will be adapted to fit the location, season and each community or situation’s specific needs.

Volunteer growers will be provided with the calendula seeds and educated on proper growing techniques including location, seed starting, watering, sunlight requirements etc. as well as instructed on how and when to harvest the blossoms and proper drying methods. Each community will have one member who can be a drop off point to collect the dried flowers and a member of HU will pick up from that spot.

Why we need your help…

Calendula is one of the most widely used herbs on the planet and has been beloved for thousands of years because of its ability to promote healing all throughout the body. From an upset tummy or indigestion to more serious afflictions such as an ulcer, for the treatment of minor scrapes to deep abrasions, it moves the blood and cleans the lymphatic system, is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial, stops the spread of infection and supports a healthy immune system AND gives your skin a radiant glow! Calendula is said to bring light to dark places, as it grows the flowers follow the sun capturing all of that radiant energy, opening in the early morning and closing as sky grows dark. There is certainly some magic in its ability to not only heal our physical self but also to warm hearts so that we as a community can blossom and flourish.

One of the most wonderful aspects of this little pot marigold is that it blooms nonstop throughout the growing season. The blossoms need to be picked daily to capture their full medicinal strength and also to encourage more blooms. It really does take a village and that’s where you come in. We, the ladies of the Herbal Underground have been farming in NE PA and growing some fantastic herbs but one thing we have found difficult to keep up with is the tirelessly prolific nature of the mighty calendula. With citizen volunteers, we can capture the power and abundance of this wonderful herb and turn it into a variety of products that will be made available to anyone who needs a moment of comfort.

You may already be an expert in the garden or someone with no experience growing things at all. This will be a wonderful opportunity for plant lovers or people that are plant curious to connect with the power of herbs while helping to heal our larger community. Not only will this plant, through the products that we make, facilitate health in many individuals who need it but the care, attention and energy that you put into growing this sunny ally will radiate to those that use it.

NOTE: you can grow other stuff too…

If you are interested in lending a hand and some prime outdoor real estate or have any questions, please contact Danielle at


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