Workshops & parties & harvest, oh my!

We’re super excited to announce a few upcoming workshops led by our spirited little team. Please join us!

Empowering the Empath: Harnessing the Magic of Vulnerability
@ The Alchemist’s Kitchen

21 E 1st Street, NY, NY 10003
Tuesday, March 19th, 8pm – 10pm
$25 in advance, $30 at the door

Healers, nurturers, and caregivers in all of our forms are often highly empathic people. We feel things strongly, might know what another person is feeling before they do, and potentially act as the emotional temperature takers for our communities. This class is dedicated to the highly attuned superpowers of the nurturer. Join us as we discuss the light and dark of this gift and explore a number of tools including practices, herbs, and ceremony to strengthen it. Perfect for social workers, nurses, teachers, those in the service industry, new mothers and fathers, and anyone who identifies as an empath.

Spiritualized Spring Cleaning Cocktails
@ Our/New York Vodka
151 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001
Saturday, March 30th, 2pm – 4pm
$60 includes cocktails!

A toast to a positive and energized spring! Participants will be greeted with a delicious spring cocktail prepared by Our/New York Bar’s beverage director. While enjoying their cocktails, guests will be guided through an interactive experience with spring herbs and bitters with a discussion about their tastes and effects on the body. The event will include a hands on cocktail workshop and distillery tour with tasting of Our/New York Vodka. Guests will be able to ask questions of the herbalists and mixologists on site.

Mark your calendars for Herbal Underground’s Medicine Making Parties! Hosted by the NYC Chapter of the American Herbalist’s Guild, HU will be facilitating monthly medicine making parties starting April 14th. These parties will be a fun opportunity to get your hands dirty, spend some quality time with fresh plant material, dig deeper into the therapeutics of medicinal herbs, and learn methods for working with different mediums (including vinegars, alcohol, oils). Each month will feature different herbs, mediums, and methods based on what’s fresh.


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