We work with growers, educators, and makers to protect the tradition, plants, integrity, and economic accessibility of nature's original medicine.

who we are

An herbalist collective, we seek to give medicine local roots. Created, managed, and operated by our members, our mission is to responsibly provide the community with access, education, nutritional guidance and genuine care.

At the heart of our mission is a sliding-scale community clinic. A place where people can come, be heard, and return home with a protocol, clear instructions and the herbs and tools with which to accomplish their health goals. We believe education about the body should be available to all, regardless of social or economic status. We also believe individuals have a right to all information regarding their healthcare, and deserve the respect to make their own decisions in this arena.

To achieve this, we will work with local farmers – growing and harvesting native plants, and operate an apothecary – making our own teas, oils, salves and tinctures. By working directly with small farmers – we will not only reduce the environmental and ecological consequences of factory farming and global shipping, but we will help to protect the land on which we live, subsequently protecting the native plants that also call this place home. We will work to supply our network of farmers with fair wages, through monetary payment as well as time, dedication, commitment and manual labor.

Ideologically, we believe that our physical body works in tandem with our emotional one, and that our genetic code holds as much truth as our ancestral lineage. We hold utmost respect for the traditions that gave, and continue to give us, this body of knowledge, and seek to include members of all customs and heritages. By drawing people and plants closer together, we hope to encourage mutual respect, dedication, and responsibility.

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